For the Real Estate Market, the Archidata Solution centralises the property data and makes it accessible rapidly and securely. The data is updated after each project and the shared information is reliable and ensures for better governance practice. The platform offers management, research and visualization tools for three sectors of activities: assets, buildings and projects. The interface of the system is user-friendly and an ideal Visual User Environment.


  • Support and management of drawings in DWG, PDF, TIF, RVT and IFC formats
  • Production of surface area calculations according to BOMA Office Space (80-96-2010), Industrial (2009), Real Estate (2010) and Residential (2010) for leasing spaces
  • Production of BOMA EGA/CGA reports
  • Online access to plans for emergency situations


  • Increase in market value of assets
  • Faster due diligence process
  • Updated data throughout the life cycle of the building
  • Production of reports from certified data
  • Less lead time for leasing
  • Improved communication between management teams
  • Better decision-making
  • Reliable data shared between management systems
  • Centralized information for each building
  • Organization, visualization, annotation and printing of plans
  • Inventories of equipment (computer, furniture, etc.), construction material, electrical and mechanical systems, telecom, etc..
  • Updated surface area data online
  • Better property management
  • Better team communication
  • Cost reduction related to preventive maintenance and asset management
  • Fast project startup
  • Centralized information for all ongoing projects
  • Simplified access to follow-ups on all ongoing projects
  • Faster plan retrieval
  • Fast access to the most recent version of plans and documents
  • Better communication between work teams
  • Time saved in planning, tracking and approval of plans and documents
  • Cost savings on printing and shipping of plans and documents