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The Archidata Solution is a web-based platform for space and plan management. The plans archived on the Archidata platform are leveraged by extracting data to update and generate space data in 2D and 3D. The platform offers a set of tools for three sectors of activities: assets, buildings and projects. The Archidata Solution is the ideal visual user environment.

Benefits of Archidata Tools

Portfolio Management
Leasing Management
Public Safety
Archidata World
Building Dashboard
Space Management
Equipment Management
Building Boxel*
Plan Room
Project Coordination
Document Management
Approval Process
Spec Sheet
Updated data throughout the life cycle of the building Organization, visualization, annotation and printing of plans Better team communication
Faster due diligence process Central information of source for all professionals Time saved in planning, tracking and approval of plans
Production of annual reports from certified data Less AutoCad or REVIT licenses needed Cost saved on printing and shipping of plans
Less lead time for leasing Faster plan retrieval Reduction of delays and errors during the construction phase
More precise square footage calculations More accurate data is shared with other systems Fast access to the most recent version of plans
■ Centralized and standardized system with secured and controled access ■ Integrity of shared data ■ Better management and governance practices ■ Better valuation of assets ■ Shorter delays for financial analyses required for real estate transactions ■ Better decision making
* Building Boxel: Imprecise unit of measure consisting of the volume calculated from the distance between two centroids spaced at 1/10 second in D/M/S coordinates and the height between floors.

Best Management Practices

Many organizations use our solution to guarantee the integrity of their data and to promote transparency, part of a sound management. The Archidata Solution promotes collaboration.

Return on Investment — ROI

■ Value optimization of a real estate portfolio

■ Reduction in needs for external professional resources

■ Reduction in operating and management expenses

■ Reduction in construction time and project costs

Building Life Cycle

A global solution that follows the life cycle of a building.


The Archidata Solution was developed to integrate with existing corporate systems, be it EDM, ERP or IWMS. It is designed to feed reliable data to other management systems.


Space and Plan Management Solution

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